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5 Useful Ways Small Business Owners Can Repurpose Their Blog Content

5 Useful Ways Small Business Owners Can Repurpose Their Blog Content

You spent several hours creating a highly targeted, valuable post for your blog. You posted it, shared the link on social media, and got a good initial response. So that’s that, right?

Wrong. There’s still one big thing left to do. Repurpose your post.

Repurposing content is when you use your blog post to make something else, like a social media post or email. Not only does this save marketing time and effort, it allows people to experience your content in different formats.

It’s like making a roast chicken (this is going somewhere, I promise). First you enjoy the chicken hot out of the oven. Then, you pick the meat off and turn that into chicken salad or chicken noodle soup. The rest of the bird you use to make chicken stock.

One poultry, and you made multiple dishes with it. The same principle applies when you repurpose content.

Okay, I’ll let go of the metaphor now. But seriously, repurposing content is one of the best things to do when marketing your business.

If you want to learn how to repurpose blog content for your small business, you’ve come to the right place. I have five ideas for you today. Use them to brainstorm even more ways you can use your content for your business.

Update Old Content

One of the simplest ways to reuse old content is to update it. Updating your blog content brings more value to people who come across it online and can often help it rank better in Google.

Start by looking through your blog catalog and picking out a few posts that could use updating. This could look like:

  • Updating information. If the post has old information or statistics, update them. No one likes reading posts with stats from ten years ago.

  • Polishing the writing. Your early blog posts probably aren’t that well-written. But if the concept is good, there’s nothing wrong with rewriting or editing it to match your current quality.

  • Expanding posts. You might also have short posts that could easily be expanded into a thousand-word plus post, adding value to readers.

Once you’ve selected your posts, work on tweaking them. Then, republish and reshare them on social media or in your email newsletter. It’s like getting brand new content with half the work.

Make a Video

A blog post is practically the same as a video script. If you have the skills, it’s easy to repurpose a post into a YouTube video or short-form video for social media.

Creating video content based on your blog posts has two benefits. It allows more people to come across your content, and it lets them pick the format they want to enjoy the content. That’s the beauty of repurposing content. Someone who only watches videos might never run across your content otherwise.

Make a Podcast Episode

If you have a podcast for your business, an old blog post works well as a podcast episode. Like with video content, it gives people another way to experience your content with minimal extra work for you.

You can also reverse the process and turn podcast episodes into blog posts. Use a podcast transcript generator to turn your episodes from audio to text. From there, you only have to edit it for the internet.

Create Social Media Graphics

Your blog post is full of valuable content snippets that work perfectly for social media with a bit of tweaking. It gives you interesting content, and you can link it back to your post to get more eyes on it.

A few ideas for content you create include:

  • Quote graphics for Instagram and Twitter/X. People love sharing insightful quotes. If they find it interesting, they’re likely to check out the post it came from.

  • Infographics for Instagram and Pinterest. Everyone loves a good infographic. A single graphic can get thousands of shares and lead hundreds of those people back to your blog.

  • Make slide posts for Instagram. Condense the top points from your blog post into a quick slide post for social media. This is another type of content that gets shared a lot.

I love this method because every post gives me tons of social media content, something I struggle to come up with. I can release a post on, say, repurposing content, then repurpose that post into multiple social media posts for Instagram and LinkedIn.

Share as an Email

Generating email topics is another thing that can cause headaches. But good news you can repurpose blog content here, too.

One way is to announce the new post and share a link. This is great if you like super short emails and want to send people directly to your blog.

Another way is to condense the blog post into a few hundred words and send it as an email. At the bottom, you can tell subscribers that the email is a shortened version of a blog post and include a link to it. Whether or not people read the full post, they’ll get value from it.

Repurposing your content is a valuable marketing technique for any business. You spent a lot of time making that blog post, so use it to its full potential.


Are you interested in getting highly valuable blog posts you can repurpose into other content? I’d love to work with you! Click the link below to learn more about my services and how I can help you.


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