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Great Email Copy Breakdown: She Reads Truth Email Sequence

Great Email Copy Breakdown: She Reads Truth Email Sequence

Single email campaigns are an important part of email marketing. But another essential tool in any email marketer’s toolbox is email sequences. Using a series of well-written emails, you lead subscribers along the sales funnel until they reach the goal- buying your product.

Many businesses don’t use them, preferring to stick to single emails. But if you want to excite subscribers about upcoming launches and sales, an email sequence is far more powerful than one email. So today, we’re going to:

  • Dissect a great three-email sequence

  • Study how it works

  • Discuss how you can duplicate it

But why should you take my word for it? Because I’m an email copywriter who loves studying and learning from the emails in my inbox. This post contains my insider knowledge of how great emails work and how to replicate them.

Email Sequence Breakdown

Funnel Goal

The goal of this sequence is to inform subscribers about an upcoming sale while giving them exclusive, subscriber-only early access to new merch. Each email builds on that goal, exciting subscribers about the upcoming drop.

Email #1: Inform

People can’t get excited for something they don’t know is coming (which is logical, right?). So, the first email in this sequence tells subscribers about their special access and exclusive discount for the upcoming launch.

However, it doesn’t reveal what that is. Instead, it hints at the new product and encourages you to add the sale date to your calendar so you can be the first to see and buy it.

It’s a focused email, only including a few paragraphs of copy and one button—the perfect start to a sequence.

She Reads Truth email one- inform

Email #2: Excite

Now that people know about the upcoming sale and merch drop, it’s time to excite them even more. The day before the drop, a second email arrives to remind them not to miss the sale.

It also reveals the exclusive merch (in this case, a branded trucker hat). This makes subscribers even more excited to shop tomorrow.

The CTA is perfectly aligned with the goal of exciting subscribers, asking them to browse the shop and create a cart in preparation for the sale. Once again, it’s a short email with only a few paragraphs of copy and pictures of the hat to get people interested.

She Reads Truth email two- excite

Email #3: Sell

The big day has arrived, and with it, the promised sale and new merch. This email tells you details about the sale and encourages you to shop it by showcasing your savings.

The people who’ve gone through the whole sequence are now ready to buy. But even if this is the only email a subscriber opens, it includes everything they need to know about the launch and sale.

I especially like the formatting of this email. It uses bold text and graphic headings to highlight the most important details. It also uses a GIF to catch your eye and show the hat in motion on a real person.

She Reads Truth email three- sell
The large image on the bottom left is actually a GIF

How to Write a Sequence Like This

This is a great short email funnel, perfect for a small drop and exclusive sale like this. So how can you write one like it?

#1: Give Each Email a Goal

Every email in your sequence needs a goal, especially if it includes five or more emails. You don’t want to spam or bore your subscribers with pointless or repetitive emails.

While you’re planning your sequence, decide the goal for the whole funnel as well as each individual email. Make sure each email (and its goal) leads to the next one, taking subscribers from informed to excited to sold, whether that’s with three emails or ten.

#2: Add Suspense

You don’t have to give subscribers everything in email one. Instead, build suspense by slowly feeding them information about your upcoming sale or merch drop, so they eagerly look for the arrival of your next email.

You can take this further and make it a game, dropping hints or clues about what’s coming. Tease them with the corner of an image. Put a code in your copy that reveals a hint. Hide the link to an exclusive webpage with a launch preview.

#3: Stay on Brand

These emails have several on-brand puns, such as V.I.“She” access, which works perfectly for the playful tone of their company. They also include graphics and GIFs aligning with their brand tone and look.

Stick closely to your brand style sheet (or create one) during email sequences. You don’t want to sound different during a launch like this. You could even dial it up, adding more puns, branded graphics, or fun GIFs. Whatever your company is known for.

Email sequences are a great tool to build excitement about launches, sales, and big announcements. Try creating one to see how it can help your business.


Would you rather hire someone else to write email sequences or other email copy for you? I’d love to help! Click the button below to set up your free discovery call so you can get awesome copy for your business.


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