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What is an Email Copywriter? And Why You Need One for Your Business

What is an Email Copywriter? And Why You Need One for Your Business

Marketing emails get a bad rap for being boring, salesy, and poorly written. That’s because many of them are.

There isn’t one reason for this. It could be a lack of knowledge about how to write a good email, pressure from higher-ups, or because the business doesn’t have an email copywriter.

An email copywriter is a valuable addition to any business. Armed with best practices and statistics, they can turn even the most cringe-worthy email into a masterpiece. Or, at least, something you don’t mind putting your business’ name on. But many people don’t even know they exist.

In this post, I’m taking a deep dive into what an email copywriter is, what they do, and the value they bring your business. My insight comes from my experience working as an email copywriter for the past two years and what I’ve learned.

What is an Email Copywriter?

An email copywriter writes emails. Which I’m sure you already figured out. But they do more than throw together another cheesy sales email.

An email copywriter creates email campaigns to get sales and engage subscribers. This includes writing subject lines, body copy, CTAs, and more. They’re an analyst, designer, and ad writer all at once.

What Do Email Copywriters Write?


A newsletter is generally a plain text email from a single person rather than an entire brand. Email copywriters ghostwrite many of them to ensure the email’s effectiveness while making it match the person’s voice.

Sales Emails

These emails are the ones most people hate. They’re full of flashy sale announcements, bad puns, and too many buttons. But they can be good with the help of a skilled email copywriter.


Email automations go out automatically when people sign up for your emails or place an order. They’re vital to email marketing, but many people forget about them.

Sales Funnels

When launching a product, most brands send several emails leading up to the big day. An email copywriter helps write them, making sure the funnel leads customers from interested to sold.

Educational Emails

When a business sends you an email about its latest blog post or explaining product features, that’s an educational email. Its purpose isn’t to sell but to provide value to subscribers.

Benefits of Email Copywriting

Email copywriting covers a vast array of copy types and writing styles. But how can someone specializing in this help YOUR business? Let’s take a look.

Understanding Your Audience

If you want to make money with the emails you send, you need to understand who you’re selling to. An email copywriter spends time understanding your audience and the different segments they fall into, like young moms or dog owners.

That knowledge lets them write emails that speak to that specific segment and send them valuable emails. To do that, they spend a lot of time digging into analytics and testing emails to make sure they speak to your audience.

Write Compelling Subject Lines

Let’s be real. You don’t open most emails in your inbox because they don’t catch your attention. It’s an email copywriter’s job to make sure they do.

They spend almost as much time writing the email subject line as they do writing the body copy. They’ll test various elements to make your emails stand out in people’s crowded inboxes without using clickbait or going off-brand.

Assess and Adjust

Another big part of email copywriting is constant testing and tweaking. What works for one segment won’t work for another. A subject line that converted well before might flop when you try to replicate it. People read the email but don’t click the CTA button.

Your email copywriter dives into your analytics to understand why. They’ll perform A/B tests and use the results to improve their writing. And they make sure your emails are hitting industry standards for open rates, click-throughs, and sales.

Create Engaging Emails

People subscribed to your email list because they wanted to hear from you (or to get that sweet welcome coupon code). They don’t want to be bored by the same generic emails everyone else sends. That’s the quickest way to send them looking for the “unsubscribe” button.

An email copywriter knows how to write sales emails or newsletters that appeal to your audience. They make your emails so enjoyable to read that your subscribers won’t be able to wait for your next email to arrive.

Better Sales

The whole point of email marketing is to get you sales. An email copywriter knows this and writes every email with that purpose in mind, even if every email isn’t a sales email (and it shouldn’t be).

They’ll make sure every part of the email, from the subject line to CTA, guides subscribers seamlessly to buying. It’s basically like writing an ad that gets delivered directly to your audience. Your sales will start skyrocketing before you know it.

Email copywriters bring a tremendous amount of value to businesses of all sizes. You’ll no longer worry about sending boring emails or lackluster campaigns. You’ll create an email marketing strategy with your copywriter that wows subscribers– and you.


Does all of this sound great? Are you interested in finding an email copywriter for your business? I’d love to help you! Click the button below to learn more about me and discover if we’re a good fit.


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