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Great Email Examples: Son de Flor Campaigns

Great Email Breakdown: Son de Flor Campaigns

When was the last time you remember enjoying a marketing email, even if it was from a brand you love?

Emails from companies and brands often get deleted unopened. It’s a sad fact of marketing life. But one company manages to send multiple weekly emails that I still read religiously.

That company is Son de Flor, a linen clothing brand. They’ve mastered creating emails their ideal customer (me) loves reading and buying from. If you’re looking to improve your marketing emails, we’re going to examine great email examples to see how they do this and how you can replicate their results.

Why Son de Flor’s Emails Are Awesome

#1: Personable

Reading a Son de Flor email feels like enjoying a letter from a friend. Their kind, genial tone is well-defined and the same from email to email. Many of their emails feature comments from team members and a little aside to, send them a note if you have any questions. It makes you feel like you know them.

Personable email
Vaida (one of Son de Flor's owners) shares her top pieces

#2: Informative

Son de Flor sells well-made clothes, not cheap fast fashion garments. These are linen garments they’ve designed to last a lifetime, both in quality and style. Because of that, they spend a lot of time educating their customers about their products by talking about their linen-making process or environmental impact.

educational email
Son de Flor shows how long linen takes to make

#3: Community Focused

Son de Flor loves featuring their community. Many of their emails include photos from real customer alongside their reviews. They collaborate with influencers and their community to create collections. They even offer alterations so you can have the garment of your dreams. They’re building a group of people invested in their company and values.

customer review
Showcasing a customer review for social proof

#4: Recognizable

Son de Flor sends an inspirational email each Monday featuring community members styling their clothes. You get to see their clothes on real people (not models). Even if you don’t read their emails throughout the week, you can always look forward to their Monday email. I know I do.

Monday inspiration
Son de Flor shows you how real people style their pieces

How to Replicate Them

Now that you’ve seen first-hand how great these emails are, let’s dive into how you can create emails like this. Emails your subscribers will read, enjoy, and buy from.

#1: Define Your Brand Voice

Take the time to define your brand voice, then use it across all platforms. Everything from your website to your social media posts should sound the same. You want people to recognize your name and how you write, whether they’re in their inbox or browsing Facebook.

#2: Highlight Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

What makes your brand unique compared to other brands selling the same thing? It might feel like nothing sets you apart. But you always have something unique to offer. Once you figure out your USP, use it in all your marketing to remind people why they should buy from you rather than your competitors.

#3: Create a Repeatable Email

Try creating something like Son de Flor’s Monday inspiration email for your business. Maybe you can send out a weekly tip email. Maybe you feature a monthly creator. The options are endless. Whatever you choose, make sure your subscribers know about it. You could even use it as a benefit for signing up to your email list.

#4: Show Your Value

With high-ticket items, you need to sell customers on why it’s worth their money. Even if they emotionally want to buy it, they need a logical reason to convince their brain to make the purchase. If you sell expensive items, figure out what arguments hold people back from buying, and then use your emails to address those points.

#5: Provide Social Proof

Do you have rave reviews on your website, Google business profile, or Trustpilot? Have your customers sent you pictures of them using your goods? You can use those in your emails. Your subscribers will see that other people like your products, giving them another reason to buy.

Creating emails people actually enjoy reading takes work. But it’s worth it to build a loyal subscriber base while increasing your opens and clicks.


Are you a small business owner wishing you could create emails like this but don’t have the time? I’d love to chat! Click the button below to learn how I can help you write emails and save valuable time.


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